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Email Marketing for Travel Bloggers

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If you are a travel blogger and you are not collecting leads, then you are wasting your time.

Keeping in contact with your customers is what separates hobby travel bloggers from professional travel bloggers.

Just look at all the top bloggers' home pages and you will see that almost all of them collect leads in some form or fashion.

This book, Email Marketing for Travel Bloggers will give you an email marketing blueprint specifically with travel bloggers in mind.

Once you've created an email marketing list then you can regularly email your customers and provide them with valuable information. Plus you can make money from your list by sharing offers that are tailored to your community.

If you want to learn how to build such a community, then you need this book. At 42 pages, it is chock full of information. Here's the Table of Contents.

  • Collecting Leads
  • What Is Email Marketing?
  • Why is this important? Why is it important to collect leads?
  • Setting Up Your Campaign
  • Create Opt-In Page (Squeeze Page)
  • Have A Compelling Sign Up Message
  • Should I Use A Popup
  • Create A Thank You Page
  • Create An Effective Welcome Email
  • Use The Already Subscribed Page Effectively
  • Develop A Newsletter/Communication Frequency
  • Tools To Get You Started
  • How Do You Deliver The Promise?
  • Profiting From Your Email List
  • What To Do Next (Immediately)
  • Case Study
  • Resources

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Email Marketing for Travel Bloggers

0 ratings
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